Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Magic Lives On...


We're on the bus eating our snacks. :)

YEHEY! We're here at Enchated Kingdom. Nice meeting you again. 

Benj. Me. Kuya. 

Waiting for them. Excited much! :)

Anchor's Away. Our first ride! WOAAAH. Poker face mode. 

Hello DAGS! :)

Going to Rialto. JOURNEY again. *Rash pose

Hello Kuya! Meet my another Kuya, Space Shuttle. :)

My other half. HAHAHA. Peace Chix!

We're happy together! :)

Hi Vikes! :* Love you.

Sweaty? NO! We're wet. HAHAHA.

Lezz eat. Hihihi. 

Hi, I'm Stephanie. How are you?

Me and Piluur doing are lookbook pose. :)

Sun glasses. B-)

Top of the world. Joke. :)

See you next year EK! :)) Byee.

Kakatamad magkwento. Haha. Basta super happy, nakakapagod nga lang pero masaya. Next year ulet! :))

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