Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Katy Perry

I saw this from my friend's profile, and just to try it I listen to this. And I was "BOOM" I love her new song. I didn't know if it is new or what, the important is I really like this. This is the first time that I like her song, and I love the story on music video. And you know what I love the most, it is her hair. Short hair. She's so hot in short hair. :"">

Tagalog na, hirap na ako eh. Parang gusto ko tuloy magpagupit. Amp. Gusto ko na ituloy yung pixie cut. :| =)) Promise. Pero diko pa alam, pinagiisipan ko palang. Bahala na! Pero gusto ko magpa pixie cut talaga eh. Bahala na talaga, pag nadaan ako sa David Salon alam na! HAHAHAHA. OMYYYYYY!!!

Eto gusto kong gupit. :""> Ang hot diba? Syeeeett! Okay, nakapagdecide na ako. Ano? SECRET. >:D Hahaha. 


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