Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why Girls Hate Each Other

Don't deny it. 

It's no secret that girls are mean to each other. From movies like "Mean Girls", to reality shows like "The Bachelor", to real-life, we've all seen girls in conflict. Just why are girls so mean?
Girls are competitive. From an early age, we are taught that the girls more fashionable shoes are better that the ones without them. As we get older, it doesn't change. We're always one-upping each other. Girls are cliquey, once we have our group of friends, the bond is tight. It's hard to let someone else in, and this causes hurt feelings and conflict. Girls are sensitive. Hormones might be to be blame here, but if your friend's having a bad day and frustrated with you on top of it, she's probably going to let you know it, whether you're prepared to hear it or not. Girls are looking for a man. I don't know how to explain this, but I know you'll get it. Girls are jealous. Girls get jealous of other girls' hair, smile, clothes, man- you name it. It happens. Girls have quirks. Some girls like to talk in squeaky baby voice. Some girls like to say "LOL" after every comment they make. These quirks bother other girls, leading those girls to hate them. For example, once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive, "Look at this bitch eating those fvcking crackers like she owns the place". Hahaha. Very mean! >:D Girls are territorial. We like our space, and it's not always easy for someone else to enter it. Girls are aggresive. While guys can throw a few punches and get on with their lives, girls are aggresive in other ways. Hateful words and mean looks are just couple of ways that girls express their anger, usually over a long period of time. Last but not the least, girls hold grudges. 4 years ago, one of my best friends and I cut the ties. Why? I don't even remember the whole story. :| The point is, girls hold grudges- grudges that have the potential to end friendships. 

This is why I think girls hate each other, but I'm not telling you guys that girls are so very mean, yeah, sometimes. Hahaha. Love your girl friends. <3

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