Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Super happy kahapon. HAHAHA. I go to school to support Joice and Jona for the singing contest. 'twas a perfectly fun! Because I saw my Groove One family and my other friends like Vernon, Vince, Eda and many to mention. I also watched the rehearsal of G1, their routine is soooo cooooooooool. :"> SWAG! Grabe. And daming newbies. Hehe. Di na sila kasya sa isang room so Coach decided to go down and practice on stage. Haha. I wanna see newbies how they dance and I'm so shocked because some of them is really great, yeah, the others are great too but they're still shy. 

You know what, seeing them dancing is makes me more inspire though I'm not active anymore in dancing. Yeah, I also envy them because I wanna really dance! Dance like there's no tomorrow, dance like I'm a great dancer. I don't care if I can't dance well. Who cares? That's my passion! I remember the movie 3" Idiots" about passion, it said that "Make your passion your profession". Even though dancing is not my profession but it still my passion. After taking board I will make sure that I will attend dance class and hopefully make it my profession. I wanna be a choreographer, but my skills is not enough, I should learn more techniques. Hehe. And of course I want to compete again. I miss competing. I miss the feeling. I miss the crowd. and most of all I miss dancing with my Groove One. Someday, time will come and I will dance with them again. :D Exciteeeeedddd!!!! :""> Woaaahhh.

For now, I should focus on my review and MORE focus on my review. Actually, it's so hard to balance my focus because my work eat lot of time and when I go home I try so many times to study but but my body is so tired and my brain is not functioning. :| But I will try my best! No, I must try! Hahaha. 
I should sacrifice some of my happiness, like dancing, gimiks, and barkadas. :< But it's for the mean time only. I know they can wait. :)) 

What more? Uhhm, btw, Joice didn't make it to the finals, but god knows how she performed last night! She's so great. Haha. You know what's funny? She sang a song the she didn't know the lyrics I mean she didn't memorized it. Haha. But the audience really enjoy her performance. HAHAHA. I'm so proud of her like a sister, yes, we're sister and I love her so much! 

That's all for now.   



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