Sunday, December 11, 2011


While I'm working.. *popout* Miss ko na si Ken, miss ko na manuod ng Korean DVD, miss ko na matulog sa 420, miss ko na makiover night, miss ko na gumala, miss ko na ang FEELING ng sumasayaw, miss ko na ang mga taong kumempleto ng buhay ko. Miss ko na silang lahat. Miss ko na yung dating buhay ko, yung gigising, maliligo, kakaen, papasok sa school, aral arala, training, sayaw, sayaw, sayaw, sayaw. Miss ko na yun! Miss ko na yung mga tawa nila, mga kwentuhan namen nakakatakot, yung mga kwentuhan about GG, miss ko na yung magkakaroon ng tampuhan pero in one click magkakaayos na. MISS NA MISS KO NA LAHAT NG TO! Waaah. :( Kelan ko ba maadapt ang bagong environment ko?

 I feel lost when I'm not with them. My life is so boring, here in office no one can give me a big smile but when I see those people I love, God knows how happy I am. =)))))) I wish I can see them everyday, just give me one minute to see their smile I'm okay with that. I always pray that one day God will provide us a day to be together again and make more memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. :) I know that day will come, we should wait and prepare ourselves. Btw, who's this people I'm talking about? These people who has a big part in my life, these people who I will NEVER NEVER forget, these people who made me now, these people who's always there for me, vice versa, and these people who I will always love. I enumerated these people...

  • BM1-A2 blockmates
  • Sweet P and Syokoy
  • My Dengue Daughter
  • Feelers
  • Batang X
  • GCO Batch 2010 Family
  • Weekenders
  • Pepers
  • Groove One
THESE PEOPLE MADE MY COLLEGE LIFE MEANINGFUL. Full of happiness, full of dramas, full of kulitan, full of lessons that I will never forget, and full of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP. :"> <3

People, you will always have my heart. I love you all. God bless us. See you soon! =)

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