Friday, March 4, 2011

Why Do You dance?

Do you dance because you love to move to the beat of music? Or do you dance to become a better dancer? Every dancer has reasons for dancing. Why do you dance?

Dancing is my life. When I feel bored, i dance. When i feel lonely and empty, i dance. When I feel nervous, I dance. When I feel happy, I dance. When I'm with Him, I dance with all my heart. Dancing is not for entertainment, dancing is like a human you can feel the warm, love, happiness, sadness. You can easily express your feeling in dancing. I dance I truly feel that it's just as necessary as food and water if I want to be happy, healthful, and live out loud.Dance can make you stress free. I hear the music inside, and the movements come. Classes refined the movements and now choreography is as natural as breathing, to hear music (which I love and prefer) or not to hear it, it is the desire to move and be free in that movement.

Let me name the ways.
(these are not in order by the way just the ones that came in my head first)

1. To express what I'd to deep for words.
2. To be myself.
3. TO LIVE basically (ha-ha).
4. Its a GREAT way to stay in shape.
5. Its nice to be passionate about something.
6. The friends you make are great because they share your passion.
7. I love all the costumes.
8. I love the shouting.
9. It makes me happy.
10. I love the thrill of being on stage.
12. I like to stay busy .

13: I love competitions.
14. Life is dance, Dance is Life.

I dance because I have to, I dance because I want to, I dance because it is who I am.

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