Sunday, November 20, 2011

Facts About AQUARIANS.

Good morning. :) I'm born on February 18, 1991 so it means I'm a Aquarian and I want to know what are the characteristics of an Aquarian so I searched it. :) Let's start... :)

  1. A person who is born between January 20th and February 19th belongs to the zodiac sign Aquarius. Aquarians have high intellectual faculties and make great scientific thinkers.
  2.  Aquarians have strong characters and personality. They are capable of dealing with and solving the most confounding problems. They are wonderful team players. 3.
  3.  Aquarians have no romantic skill and they are not interested in the games of dating. However, an Aquarian is a straightforward person.
  4. Aquarians are driven by a keen desire to help others. But they do not make friends easily. They can, sometimes, be cold to people who do not appeal to them. 
  5. Aquarius women are blessed with great charm and looks and hence, they are considered as the most beautiful women in the Zodiac. 
  6. Aquarius woman in love is an extremely honest and faithful partner who will always be her man's best friend even after marriage.
  7. Aquarius women are rarely jealous and possessive.
  8. Aquarians are rarely emotional and over sentimentality of any kind can leave them exhausted and bewildered. 
  9. Aquarius women are also tolerant and are rarely known to showcase their temper.
  10. Aquarius woman in love or otherwise may seem detached and cold as Aquarians have their bouts of withdrawal at times. But this does not mean that she loves you less. At these times, it is better to leave her alone and she will be back with her usual charm and grace when she has gotten over it.
  11. An Aquarius woman in love is quite a thing to have, and if you are her love interest, better keep her. Remember life with an Aquarius woman will never be dull even for a single instant. Till the end, you will definitely feel blessed to have found her!
  12. One more remarkable characteristics of an Aquarian female personality is that she is completely unpredictable.
  13. The Aquarius female trusts her partner completely, but when cheated, she becomes very bitter and carries the wound till the end. Just like the Aquarian male, Aquarian female is very sociable.
  14. People can easily trust an Aquarius female as all the world's secret are safe with her! But when it comes to her, it is exactly opposite. She does not like to share her problems and weaknesses with others!
That's it! Yan yung mga nilagay na sa tingin ko tugma saken, bibigay sana ako ng explanation kaso tinamad ako. Haha. May mga ilan dyan na nilagay ko pero para saken hindi totoo like nung number 3. :) Basta. Ge na back to work na ako. Hahaha. =))

God bless!

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